Why I Started My Art, Design & Crafts Business

why started my art business

My dream job as a Marketing Executive turned into a nightmare (think internet sweatshop).

After having worked there for 2 months, I quit.

Luckily, I found a lovely part time job which allowed me to still contribute to our household (partner and kids) and survive – but not quite thrive.

However, that meant I then had the time and opportunity to finally start my own art business.

I have always been into art and design, as a child I was always drawing and making. I often depleted the whole house of paper and when I was a little older I was always raiding my mums craft box – fabric off-cuts, buttons, sequins etc!

In my early twenties I learnt to code html and css and was a freelance web designer for a time. After that (but before my dream job disaster) I worked for a few years in a digital marketing role.

So it makes sense that I can finally tie everything together and work towards building an art, design and home decor business.

I have an idea of what I want this venture to become, but I’m still at the start of the journey and excited about what the future will bring!