What Inspires Me as an Artist

what inspires my as an artist

As a visual person, I draw inspiration from a variety of of things I see and experience in my everyday life. The photos I take (you can see some examples below) usually give me lots of ideas to use for a painting or even a whole series of paintings. I am the most inspired by nature, animals and the forms and colours that occur naturally on our planet.

I love floral patterns, in fact most of the clothes I wear even have floral patterns on! They are images I am drawn too and of course this comes out in my artwork style.

I also like to experiment with the images I have created, seeing what else it could be or changing around the colours.

The reason behind my paintings and artwork is the desire to create a piece of art that conveys a sense of positivity, celebrating life and love.

As I have struggled at times in my life to keep a positive outlook, it is important to me that my work helps people feel more joy in their everyday lives.